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What Is Saturn Return?

Saturn return is, quite literally, the return of Saturn. It’s the time when Saturn returns to the place in the sky that it was in when you were born. Saturn return is considered a time of great change – the final move from youth into the maturity of adulthood. It’s a time when you will be faced with the truth of who you are, what you desire, and what you need to be happy in life. It can be a time of endings, and you’ll have to learn to let go of things that are no longer serving you. If you’re in the wrong career or relationship, it will become obvious. But your Saturn return will also bring new beginnings as you step into your full-fledged adult self, learn more about what works for you, and embrace the truest parts of yourself. Saturn return can be painful, yes, but it’s also a time of great discovery and you will come out the other side a more self-possessed person, ready to take on the next phase of your life!

What Happens During Saturn Return?

You grow up. No, really! Saturn Return marks the transition from one phase of life into another. Your first Saturn return marks the move from the youthfulness of your 20s into full adulthood. The process of growing up looks different for everyone. But chances are that for most people, Saturn return will be painful, exciting, and eye-opening in equal measures. It will probably feel scary, but that’s okay! You’re growing and changing, and those things can be nerve-wracking. Saturn return will also be a time when you’re asked to let go of what isn’t serving you. That could mean certain relationships, a career that doesn’t quite fit you, or even just a tendency to try to live up to other people’s expectations instead of by your own inner values. Try to remain open and lean into the truths and changes you’ll be faced with during your Saturn return, and you’ll find that you come out the other side a stronger and more assured version of yourself.

Should I Be Worried About Saturn Return?

Many people feel apprehensive toward Saturn return. Since it’s a time of massive growth and change, this is pretty understandable! But there’s no need to feel afraid. Saturn return isn’t going to make you into someone you’re not or turn you into a whole different person. What it is going to do is strip away all the parts of you that aren’t authentic – the expectations of others that you’re trying to live up to, the habits that don’t serve you, and all the false beliefs keeping you feeling stuck in your career or relationships. Saturn return can be scary and painful at times, yes – but it isn’t something to fear. Think of a butterfly going through the crucible of the chrysalis, only to emerge later as a beautiful and colorful creature free of restraints. That’s you! You’re the butterfly, and Saturn return is your chrysalis. So go forth and embrace your astrological metamorphosis without fear, because once you go through it, you’re going to be stronger and happier than ever!

What Should I Do During Saturn Return?

Use the time to really think about your values. Are you living your life for yourself or to please other people? Let go of the expectations of others and allow yourself to truly just be exactly as you are. This is a good time for journaling and other modes of self-reflection. If you’re unhappy in your career, relationships, living situation, or any other area of your life, really take the time to think about why. Be open and willing to make changes that will bring those areas of life more closely in line with your most deeply held values. If you’re anxious or unsure, now is a great time to start building confidence and working on your self-esteem. Saturn return is a time where you’re moving from youth into adulthood, and trusting yourself is a huge part of being an adult. It’s the perfect time to kick that imposter syndrome for good! Start building faith in your ability to move through the world and connect to your values – they’ll guide you anytime you feel unsure. Saturn return is ultimately a cycle of growth and change – embracing the parts of yourself that are authentic and shedding anything that doesn’t serve you like old snakeskin.

When Is My Saturn Return?

Saturn is a slow-moving planet, so returning to its position in the sky when you were born usually takes around 29 years. Unlike Mercury in retrograde and other significant astrological events, there are no specific Saturn return dates. That’s because Saturn return is doesn’t happen simultaneously for everyone. Instead, it’s specific to your individual birth chart. You can expect to experience your first Saturn return sometime during your late 20s. The most common Saturn return age is around 29 or 30. Your first Saturn return is extremely powerful and transformative since it marks your transition into adulthood. But, it’s not the only one you’ll have. You will experience a second Saturn return sometime in your 50s, and if you’re lucky you’ll experience a third Saturn return in your late 80s as well. Each is considered a time of transition from one phase of life into the next.

How Long Does Saturn Return Last?

You can expect to start feeling the effects of your Saturn return up to two years before it happens. And once Saturn enters the same sign that it was in when you were born, you’ll feel the effects of your Saturn return in full force until the planet moves into the next sign. This is typically a period of two and a half to three years. These few years will be challenging, yes, but also extremely rewarding as your Saturn return helps you connect to your own inner power and build the kind of life you truly want to be living!

Calculate Your Saturn Return

If you’re feeling a little shaky and thinking, “Is this it? Is this my Saturn return?” there’s no need to sit there wondering. You can calculate your Saturn return online fairly easily. AstroStyle has a handy Saturn return calculator that will tell you whether or not you’re currently in your Saturn return. Just input your birthday, the time of your birth, and the location where you were born! Keep in mind that even if you haven’t entered your Saturn return quite yet, you may still be feeling its effects preemptively if it’s drawing close.