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While all relationships take hard work, some people are just better suited to each other than others. You already know that astrology is a fun way to learn about yourself. But did you know that it can also help you understand other people better? Astrology can help you get an idea of whether your potential partner’s qualities will sync up well with yours. So, Aries, are you ready to find out who your best match is?

What Is the Best Match for an Aries?

The best match for an Aries is Leo. Aries, you also match well with Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini. Why? Well, Aries, you are proud, courageous, and hard-working. Your passion and determination are second to none. You need a partner who can appreciate your strengths and keep up with you! Let’s take a closer look at your top four matches:


Leo is the best match for Aries overall. Why? Because you won’t be able to dominate the lion with your fiery energy, Aries. Instead, you’ll be true partners. Aries, you’ll be able to energize Leo and in turn, Leo won’t be cowed by your intense energy and strong will. Your relationship will be a passionate – if sometimes tumultuous – partnership of equals.


Fellow Fire sign Sagittarius is another great match for you, Aries. You share a sense of adventure and a strong interest in travel, so you’ll have plenty in common. Plus, Sagittarius will be able to absorb your combativeness with easy humor. In turn, you’ll be able to appreciate all of Sagittarius’ best qualities without holding your partner back.


Libra is located directly opposite you on the zodiac wheel, Aries. The phrase “opposites attract” applies here, because even though you don’t have much in common, you actually work together rather well! This is because you balance each other out. Aries, your warrior nature will energize Libra, while Libra’s peace-keeping energy will help calm you. Together, you’ll be an unstoppable force!


Gemini is a great match for you, Aries. Gemini’s playful energy will help you take things less seriously and in turn you can offer Gemini direction and motivation. This harmonious match can be a great friendship or a love connection, depending on the individuals involved.

If you already have a partner or a love interest in mind, why not check your compatibility using our Compatibility Calculator? Keep in mind that even if your partner doesn’t make our list of the best matches for Aries, it doesn’t mean the two of you aren’t compatible! Compatibility is a very complicated thing, and most astrological compatibility articles, including this one, only take into account your sun sign. But your moon sign and your birth chart are also very important to consider! And no matter what your astrological compatibility says, don’t forget that sometimes love just can’t be explained! Don’t discount someone great just because their zodiac sign doesn’t line up with your best matches. Opposites attract and love is mysterious, so be open to what the universe is offering you! You never know, you might find your perfect match in the very last place you’d think to look.