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What Is Astrology?

Astrology, at its core, is the idea that the positions of the moon, planets, and stars in the sky influence events in a person’s life here on earth. These positionings are especially important at the moment of a person’s birth – astrologers believe that the positioning of celestial bodies can actually determine key traits of a person’s character. So, if you’re more of a stubborn homebody (Taurus) than a bubbly partygoer (Gemini), blame your stars! Or maybe you just have to be in charge (Leo), or are constantly misplacing your keys (Pisces). Again, it could be your stars! In all seriousness, while it’s fun to think about the different ways your personality may have been shaped by the stars, don’t forget that you have the power! You are ultimately in charge of your own destiny – no matter what star sign you are.

Understanding the Star Signs

What’s your sign?” It’s a common phrase that you’ve probably heard a million times before. But what does it really mean? Astrology breaks out 12 distinct signs based on the date you were born. This is called your sun sign, and it’s what most people mean when they refer to your “sign.” You also have a moon sign and a rising sign (sometimes called an ascendant sign). These are a little more complicated to calculate but can tell you a lot about your inner self. Check out our article to learn more about your moon sign and ascendant sign.

Your sun sign, often referred to simply as your “star sign,” can tell you a lot about yourself. This is because your sun sign is highly correlated to your personality. It can explain what you like, how you like it, and why. According to Café Astrology, it can also give you a lot of insight into your goals and purpose in life. Knowing your star sign can give you an idea of your natural gifts and talents – who you are when you are feeling comfortable and confident. Learning more about your sign can be a good reminder to embrace your true self and give up the temptation to try to be someone you’re not, because everyone has their own individual charms!

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At Starlies, we believe that astrology can be a great tool for learning more about yourself and making sense of an uncertain world. How, you ask? Well, it’s like this: learning more about your star sign can encourage you to think more deeply about yourself – what you need to feel happy and supported; what you want out of your career and relationships; and what motivates you. Gaining insight into yourself can help you make choices in your life that are more authentic to who you are. It can also help move you toward the life you truly want to be living!

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