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All relationships require hard work and dedication, but some people are better suited to each other than others. Astrology is great for learning more about yourself, but it can also help you learn more about your romantic partners – including whether your two personalities are likely to be compatible! So, Cancer, are you ready to see who your best match is?

What Is the Best Match for a Cancer?

Pisces is the best match for Cancer overall. Cancer, you also match well with Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Why? Well, Cancer, you are emotional, loyal, and caring. You can be moody at times and you have an incredible amount of love to offer. You need a partner who will bond with you on the deepest level while providing you with support and stability! Let’s take a look at your top four matches:


Pisces is the best match for Cancer overall. Since you are both Water signs, you have the emotional depths to bond intensely. You are both communicative, intuitive, and adept at giving comfort. Cancer, you are connected to the domestic sphere of life, always practical, and prone to nervousness. Pisces is gentle, compassionate, and so spiritual that they are sometimes detached from reality. Cancer, you can support Pisces in practical matters while Pisces can offer you the comfort and emotional support you need. Together you can create the deep, loving, and mutually supportive relationship you both crave.


Like you, Cancer, Taurus is extremely domestic and enjoys the comforts of home immensely. You are both attentive to the needs of your partner and have a shared need for security. But it is your differences that allow the two of you to balance each other out. Taurus is sensible and well-suited to dealing with practical concerns, so their stability can help ground and calm you when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, Cancer. In turn, you can help motivate Taurus to get things done and help them face change, which makes them intensely uncomfortable. The result is a mutually supportive partnership where both of your needs are able to be addressed.


You are both highly emotional Water signs with the potential to create a soulmate-level bond. You both need to feel secure in the relationship, and thankfully your innate qualities allow you to provide each other with exactly what you need. Cancer, Scorpio’s passionate nature and Fixed energy will reassure you that your bond is here to stay. In turn, your natural possessiveness and loving nature will ensure that your partner feels secure in the relationship. Since you’re both in it for the long haul, there’s the potential for an intensely deep and long-lasting bond to form between you.


Capricorn is Cancer’s opposite on the zodiac wheel and, as the saying goes, sometimes opposites attract! Cancer, Capricorn’s focus on financial security and long-term partnership can help you feel secure. In turn, your respect for roots, tradition, and security can put Capricorn at ease and make them feel valued. In addition to your shared need for planning and security, you two share a magnetic pull toward one another that’s hard to ignore!

Looking to calculate your compatibility with someone special? Why not try our Compatibility Calculator? But don’t forget – just because your love interest doesn’t make our list of the best matches for Cancer, that doesn’t mean you two don’t have a future together! Compatibility is extremely complex. Most astrological compatibility articles – including this one – only consider your sun signs, but both partner’s full birth charts are important to evaluate, too. Plus, don’t forget the old saying that opposites attract! You just might find your happy ending with the most unexpected person, so don’t discount a potential partner just because you’re not a perfect astrological match. After all, true love doesn’t always make sense, but that doesn’t make it any less special!