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Every relationship takes hard work, but some people are just better suited than others. You already know that astrology is a great way to learn more about yourself, but did you know that it can also help you learn more about your romantic partner? While it won’t tell you everything, astrology can help you get a sense of whether you and a special someone have compatible qualities. So, Leo, are you ready to see who your best match is?

What Is the Best Match for a Leo?

The best match for Leo is Aries. Leo, you also match well with Libra, Sagittarius, and Gemini. Why? Well, Leo, you are self-confident, social, and a natural born leader. You have a flare for the dramatic and more than one person has probably mentioned that no matter your situation, you always carry yourself like royalty. You need a partner who can appreciate your charms and bring out your best qualities Let’s take a look at your top four matches:


Leo, you share a mutual understanding with Aries that can form the basis of a powerful partnership. You are both energetic, passionate, and just egotistical enough to keep your dynamic interesting. Leo, as a Fixed sign you can sometimes get a little stuck, but Aries’ adventurous spirit can help you get out of your rut. The two of you may argue frequently, but your relationship will be overflowing with passion and love!


Libra is diplomatic, charming, and intelligent. If you are the royal, Leo, then Libra is your perfect courtier! Libra can delight and entertain you – all without ever stealing your spotlight. In turn, you’ll be a fun and engaging partner for Libra. With your complementary natures, the two of you will be able to truly understand each other – all while throwing the best parties of any zodiac couple!


A fellow Fire sign, Sagittarius is a kindred spirit but possesses a slightly more laid-back nature than you do, Leo. This means you can balance each other out. Leo, you will never be bored with Sagittarius, thanks to your shared sense of playfulness and high levels of energy. You both value freedom and the ability to experience all that life has to offer. Despite your fiery tempers, your shared life philosophy makes for a harmonious relationship.


Known for being entertaining and fun, Gemini is a great match for you, Leo. You’ll always have a great time together and the two of you will tend to put on a show wherever you go! You are both witty and exuberant, but where you need to be in the spotlight, Leo, Gemini is just interested in trying out as many different roles as possible, so you don’t have to worry about your partner stealing your limelight. Your shared traits and values make for a satisfying partnership for you both.

If your current partner or love interest doesn’t make our list of the best matches for Leo, don’t worry – it doesn’t mean that you two aren’t a possibility! Compatibility is complex and mysterious, just like the cosmos. Both partner’s moon signs and birth charts are just as important to consider as your sun signs. And sometimes, there’s just no explaining true love! Opposites attract and what looks like a great match on paper doesn’t always pan out in real life.  Don’t dismiss a potential partner just because your zodiac compatibility is lower than you’d like, because you never know – you just might find true love in the most unexpected place!